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Whether you sit in an office all day, drive for prolonged periods of time or if you're a wheel chair user, this state-of-the-art memory foam technology will help reduce or completely eliminate your lower back pain.

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Features and Benefits:

  • HIGH QUALITY - Made of ultra dense memory foam that provides a perfect balance of comfort and firm support. Don't settle for overly soft low density memory foam that quickly loses its shape, as sold by imitators.

  • FUNCTIONAL - Very FIRM for those who prefer more orthopedic support in a seat cushion. Our High Density Memory Foam molds to the contours of your body yet permanently retains its shape.

  • FREE Carrying Bag - Normally purchased separately as a gift, your order today includes a stylish and light-weight carrying bag.

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  • When you suffer from chronic pain, it is difficult to find relief or comfort. This cushion provides both.”


    Actual Amazon Customer

  • I spend a lot of time commuting and was having issues with my lower back.  Using it I no longer get leg numbness and the stiffness in my low back is gone.”

    Ronald Postlewait

    Actual Amazon Customer

  • A life saver! I sit 8 hours for work and have a degenerative disc disease. This allows me to sit comfortably and without as much pressure on my joints"


    Actual Amazon Customer

  • This Ergonomic Cushion is the best device I have ever used.  I strongly recommend it”

    Joseph Castillo

    Actual Amazon Customer

  • This memory foam seat cushion by ErgoAlign is absolutely wonderful ... you can remove the cover and machine wash it.”

    Daniel in Indiana

    Actual Amazon Customer

What makes this such a game changer is the use of a specially blended high density memory foam which forms to your body's shape while seated and provides firm yet comfortable support for your lower back. Plus, the cushion's unique U-shaped design gives your tailbone (coccyx) relief by taking the pressure away from this area. A side benefit is that it will help align your body when seated for prolonged periods of time.

Some of the benefits of using this memory foam seat cushion include: Relieves lower back and tailbone pain, provides relief to your entire lower body, have better posture though out your day, be pain free to enjoy your life! Gives you comfort while sitting throughout the day.

But don't take our word for it, read what our many satisfied customers say in our Amazon.com reviews!

Because it works so effectively, there is no shortage of imitators of our product on the market today. A number of companies have been producing cheap knockoffs of the ErgoAlign memory foam seat cushion claiming that they are just as good or better while skimping on quality.

But not all memory foam is created equal. Our special blend of high density memory foam will provide both comfort and orthopedic support for your back. And because it is memory foam, it retains its original shape even after prolonged use.

If you want to get rid of your lower back pain due to long periods of sitting, you need to get the ErgoAlign Memory Foam Seat Cushion today.

As a free gift with your order today, you will receive a FREE carrying bag to take your seat cushion wherever you go and wherever you may need it.

So go ahead and order today and get back to living your life to its fullest.

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About ErgoAlign

Our mission at ErgoAlign is to provide the most high quality and effective memory foam products, backed by years of scientific research and clinical trials. Our research and development team has created a proprietary high density memory foam designed to provide lasting support, alleviate pain and add comfort to your life!